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Lavoce Italiana


Founded in 2008, Lavoce Italiana is specialized in the field of loudspeakers design and production. According to the specialized work functions, we are based  both in Italy and China.


Inheriting the best values and skills of the two parent companies, Lavoce Italiana’s DNAs is a complete mix of design, technical know-how and electro acoustic excellence Made in Italy plus the reference manufacturing capabilities & typical competitiveness of the far east.

Our R&D team in Rome is where all LAVOCE loudspeaker projects are born, tested and validated with its 20 years of experiences & knowledge. The results are easily recognized by our indisputable international reputation with brands Audison and Hertz. Throughout the years, our loudspeaker projects have been highly appraised by industry experts & consumers alike with numerous international awards from ESIA, Europe and CES, USA (

To further enhance and ensure our leading position, Lavoce Italiana production plant was established in 2008 with its modern production capabilities and constant supervision from our Italian management system.


Quality & Reliability in electro acoustic performances made up the keys of our R&D Team; a heritage truthfully passed down from Elettromedia’s constant pursuit for top quality, and proven by being the first car audio company worldwide to obtain ISO 9001 certification back in 1998.

Our team,  with over 150 employees in our 11,000 square meters facility, had produced and exported over 900,000 loudspeakers in 2011.

Since 2007,  Lavoce Italiana team  has been focused on combining the parent companies’ design & testing know-how and manufacturing experiences, also invested in developing and producing OEM\ODM loudspeakers for our distinguished partners worldwide.

After the proven success achieved in this first step, Lavoce Italiana project has moved to highly awaited second stage, LAVOCE Professional Audio products. Aiming to claim another world leading position as an OEM/ODM partner in technical design and manufacturing of Professional Audio loudspeakers.


100% Made in Italy Technical Excellence, Passion for Sound & Commitment to Total Quality plus Product Value and Logistic Advantages of its manufacturing team in China. This carefully crafted joint venture allows us to offer our partners the bests of both worlds without compromise while providing an efficient logistics regardless the geographic location of our partners.


In addition to customized OEM/ODM solutions for our partners, now  LAVOCE brand Professional Audio loudspeaker lines are here, ready to offer our partners complete programs for Neodymium & Ferrite woofers , Compression Driver and soft dome tweeters.