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About me


As you may know, my main occupation is the design of audio transducers and complete loudspeaker systems, from hi-fi to car audio and professional applications.


Having a strong passion in sound reproduction since childhood, I started designing loudspeakers since 1990; working as technical reviewer for Hifi magazines very early, I had the chance to test many hi-fi devices, and to develop a deep listening sensibility. Over the years I have published several technical articles and projects of loudspeaker systems for DIY enthusiast.


I've been working in Elettromedia R&D department since 2001 as transducer designer and product manager, where I developed a deep knowledge and everyday experience with modeling software such as Femm, Loudsoft Finemotor/Finecone, Autocad 2D, Solidworks, and measurement instruments such as Klippel Distortion Analyzer and Scanning vibrometer, Audiomatica Clio, MLSSA.


Over the years I focused my attention on projects planning and management, problem solving and time to market strategies; daily relationship with overseas supplier and the design of new LaVoce Italiana China-based production facility gave me a deep insight on far-east production issues and communication abilities. I am currently in charge of technical trainings for customers and distributors, in Europe and North America.


From 1999 to present, I have been involved in music production, studio and live recording, acquiring a very good experience in analogue and digital recording, music production instruments, mixing technique, and optimization of studio monitoring systems. I've attended many recording workshops and I have recently founded my own recording studio, where I produce and record local musicians.






Product manager @ Lavoce speakers

2010 – Present (2 years)

Product manager of Lavoce Professional low and mid-frequency units; transducer design, from 18" subwoofer to 3" fullrange.


Technical editor @

2006 – Present (6 years)

Responsible of measurements Lab, technical reviewer.


Senior transducer engineer @ Elettromedia

January 2004 – Present (8 years 5 months)

Responsible for design, validation and assessment of Audison and Hertz transducer. Responsible of Quality Control and production line setup, China. In charge of technical training for Elettromedia's customers and distributors; in Europe, North America and Asia.


R&D manager @ AStri Audio

2003 – Present (6 years)

Responsible for transducer and loudspeaker design and validation, for home hifi applications.


Technical editor @ The Absolute Audiophile

February 2009 – October 2010 (1 year 9 months)

Responsible of Measurements Lab, Listening Room setup, technical reviewer.


Owner @ Recording Studio "The Chestnut tree"

2001 – 2007 (6 years)

In charge of the musical production studio “the Chestnut trees”, live and studio recordings. Activity of advising and design of listening and recording rooms in recording studios.


Transducer engineer @ Elettromedia

2001 – 2004 (3 years)

Design of car audio transducer, from low frequency SPL subwoofer to midrange and tweeter, for the Hertz brand.


Technical editor @ SUONO

January 1995 – January 2000 (5 years 1 month)

Responsible of Acoustical Measurements Labs IAF (Institute of High Fidelity) and technical reviewer.